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SeaPearl28 Cat Ketch

If you are tired of being water locked with limited sailing adventures, tired of slip fees and high annual maintenance, the SeaPearl 28 may be your answer. It is the easiest to trailer sailboat of it's size. She offers comfort never before attainable in a truly trailerable sailboat.

Cruise into secluded anchorges where no other boat this size would dare sail. Explore sailing grouds that you have only read about.

The free standing Cat Ketch rig with tabernacle and carbon fiber spars allow setup in fifteen minutes. Gain your freedom without sacrificing performance. The keel/centerboard model offers 19" draft. Ultra shoal draft model available. Waterballast, positive floatation and custom interiors available. The SeaPearl 28 sleeps four in full sized berths, has a full galley, large opening ports, large companionway, and two-way hatch forward for good ventilation in the spacious cabin.

General Specifications

LOA ........... 27' 8"
LWL ............24' 7"
Beam ............8' 0"
Board up ....... 1' 7"
Board down .... 5' 6"
Ballast ..........1000 lbs.
Displacement....3750 lbs.
Sail Area ....... 290 Sq. Ft.
No. of Berths..... 4
Designer .........Ron Johnson

There are a number of outstanding accessories available in a custom build configuration. Make your SeaPearl Tri 21 fit your needs and sailing style. See the available accessories for the SeaPearl Tri 21 on the Parts & Accessories page.

Outstanding Features

The SeaPearl 28 is the largest truly trailerable sailboat on the market. By trailerable we mean that one person with a full size standard vehicle can transport, launch, rig and recover it alone. The shoal draft version can be launched at any boat ramp. the rigging can be set in LESS than 15 minutes, out of the water.

An innovative mast tabernacle design provides lateral support while raising and lowering the masts. Having no boom travel restrictions with a fixed gooseneck and a mast that is allowed to rotate in its socket, provides a greater latitude in sheeting angle off the wind. The mast and boom can rotate 360 degrees, which allows the booms to travel beyond ninety degrees to the centerline when running. This greatly reduces the chance of an accidental jibe by providing better than 180 degrees of steering latitude.

The freestanding masts work in conjunction with the tabernacles to help eliminate boom travel restrictions. They are a carbon fiber and "S" Glass construction for an extreme strength to weight ratio. Each mast has an 11,000 lbs. breaking strength, yet weighs only 37 lbs. These masts can be easily raised by one person with a mechanical strut and a winch.

The use of water ballast is a tried and proven concept for us. We have been using it as the only source of ballast in the standard version of the SeaPearl 21 since 1986. For those who wish an Ultra Shoal Draft boat (9" draft) and/or lightweight trailering (2400 lbs.), water ballast is the most practical option.

The innovative sliding galley incorporates a large sink that drains, (pressure water and a 2-burner stove are optional). The three door cabinet allows access to usable storage. The galley, stowed, is under the cockpit seat on the starboard side. This frees space to seat two more adults for cocktails or conversation. It also creates storage space that would be otherwise unusable. It also frees up another 80" single berth. A matching cabinet can be fitted on the port side creating additional space for appliances or storage.

All these features make SeaPearl28 Cat Ketch easy to manage and easy to sail.... almost anywhere.

Base Boat Cost....................................... $11,295
Fall Special..............................................$9,995
All of these features contribute to the most innovative feature of all... the SeaPearl 28 can make a great traveling home away from home. Connecting panels between the dodger and bimini covers can enclose the entire area of the cockpit, with screens and weather flaps. The water system carries 60 gallons of fresh water. - A SEAWAY OR HIGHWAY cruiser!