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The SeaPearl Tri 21 was developed to meet a growing demand for the stability and roominess of a multihull in a small cruising sailboat. Combining this concept with the simplicity and versatility of our time proven monohull, the SeaPearl 21, offers the experienced buyer a unique product. The simplicity of the Cat Ketch rig and the versatility of the easy to use and easy to stow away Convertible Cabin, lets this boat qualify as both a great family day sailer and a great family beachcruiser. Perhaps it's best feature is how easy it is to trailer. This beauty will extend your sailing range, eliminate slip fees and reduce on the water maintenance.

The Self-Bailing Aft Cockpit is well above the waterline, so you may button up the center cockpit with the standard tonneau cover or the optional Convertible Cabin and leave the boat unattended on the water or on the trailer. with the center opening covered it is self-bailing.

The Unstayed Free Standing Masts are the key to easy trailering, fast set up, quick launching, and carefree sailing.

Kick-up Boards and Rudder makes shallow water sailing, beaching, and trailering all easy and carefree. Ruggedly made to last a lifetime. The Folding Amas (outer hulls) fold inward under the wing decks for trailering.

All these features make SeaPearl 21 easy to manage and easy to sail.... almost anywhere.

General Specifications:
LOA: 21'-0"
DWL: 19'-0"
Beam (amas in for trailering):8'
Beam (amas out ):14'
Draft (board up): 8"
Draft (board down): 2"-8"
Sail Area: 186 sq.ft.
Mast height above DWL: 21'6"
Aft Cockpit Length:6'6"
Center Cockpit Length:10'
Headroom in Convertible Cabin: 4'0"
Dry Weight (approx.):950 lbs.
Total Trailering Weight: 1,350 lbs.

There are a number of outstanding accessories available in a custom build configuration. Make your SeaPearl Tri 21 fit your needs and sailing style. See the available accessories for the SeaPearl Tri 21 on the Parts & Accessories page.

Base Boat Cost....................................... $11,295
Fall Special..............................................$9,995