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Boat Reviews

Review of the SeaPearl 21 from
The Small Boat Journal

An owner's review of his
13 years of experience with his SeaPearl 21.
Amazing Stories and Great Cruising Tales
"Sailors' stories of where they've been with their SeaPearl 21 sailboats"

Have a great cruising story from your SeaPearl or SeaPearl Tri voyages?
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"Shane St. Clair's Voyage Through America"

Shane talks about his trip around the east coast of the United States in six months. Titled " 5000 miles in a Sea Pearl 21."
A story which appeared in Small Boat Journal #63 (Nov. 1988)

"First Cruise of Whisper and the Mud Hen"
Ron Hoddinott's first cruise in his Sea Pearl Whisper.
A story which appeared in Messing About in Boats - December 1996.

"Solo to the North Channel"
Whisper visits the North Channel of Lake Huron in 1998.
This story is from Messing About in Boats.

"Marquesas Magic"

The West Coast Trailer Sailing Squadron visits the Marquesas Islands for a week long cruise in June, 2000.Two Sea Pearl 21's, a Sea Pearl Tri, and Black Puffin, Hugh Horton's sailing canoe, make this trip.
This story appeared in Small Craft Advisor magazine - Sept/Oct 2000 issue.

"Sailing the Everglades' Wilderness Waterway"
Steven Morrill sails Black Pearl into the Everglades... and lives to sail another day!

"Ice and Jungle"
The story of Stephanie White and George Van Sickle's Patagonian Expedition in a Sea Pearl 21. (hull number 15)
This story appeared in Sail Magazine January 1999.
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