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The RobRoy 23 is a classic canoe yawl, a true pocket cruiser. A dry weight of 2500 lbs and 19" draft offer the trailering ability normally associated with much smaller boats. The ease of launching and short setup time guarantee that you will use your boat often.

The RobRoy 23 has plenty of sail for light air cruising with the ability to stand up to a breeze when the going gets tough. Easy reefing systems make this possible, the yawl rig allows you to reef and maintain balance while lowering the center of effort quickly. Cruise the beaches and secluded areas where others can't go and do it in the comfort of a 23 footer with the accommodations of a larger boat.

The RobRoy 23 is truly a "proper yacht" that puts the romance and practicality back into sailing.

General Specifications:

LOA: 28' 8"
LOD: 22' 8"
DWL: 21' 0"
Beam: 6' 11"
Draft (board up): 1' 7"
Draft (board down): 4' 8"
Displacement: 2800 lbs.
Displacement/length ratio: 132.6
Ballast: 900 lbs
Sail area: 255 sq. ft
Sail Area/Disp ratio: 20.8
Water Capacity: 14.5 gal
Fuel Capacity: 12 gal
Mast height above water: 29' 6

There are a number of outstanding accessories available in a custom build configuration. Make your RobRoy 23 fit your needs and sailing style. See the available accessories for the RobRoy 23 on the Parts & Accessories page.

Outstanding Features of the RobRoy 23

The RobRoy 23 was designed to cruise two comfortably with a child's berth option in the forepeak and a cockpit boom tent for an extra couple on a balmy night. The main salon berths located amidships are 6' 6" long and can be converted easily into a double. RobRoy 23 has a private head area for an optional portable toilet or marine head with a "Y" valve and holding tank. Her galley area has a stainless steel sink and fresh water pump to starboard and a stove area to port large enough for a two burner stove. Both cabinets have drawers and sliding doors with stowage bins outboard. The forepeak is used for sail, anchor and dock line storage with access from the desk through the forward hatch. The forward hatch, companionway and four bronze opening ports provide excellent ventilation. There is also an optional built-in ice chest with foam insulation. The teak interior is hand crafted in an elegant fashion that expresses a high level of quality.

The RobRoy 23 has a kick up centerboard and rudder to improve windward performance while still offering shallow water capability and easy trailering. Both centerboard and rudder are easy to lift and secure in any position with a simple pendant and cleat. The motor well is located aft in the cockpit ahead of the mizzen offering safety and control in rough seas. The opening in the hull is slightly larger than the cavitation plate of the engine allowing the cockpit to self-bail but prohibiting a surge from a following sea or turbulence from the prop. A 7.5 hp engine moves her well with plenty of reserve for winds and tides. The bilge pump is operable while at the helm.

The RobRoy 23 is built of fiberglass with foam core construction and hand laid rovings to make her strong yet light and durable. Extra layers of rovings in her keel and trailer support areas. All exterior wood is teak for low maintenance, leaving you more time to sail. The non-skid deck surfaces are molded into the gelcoat. The gelcoat is a light colored, glare resistant finish, easy on the eyes and the feet; comfortable enough for sunbathing and cool to the touch even in the hot sun.

All these features make RobRoy 23 easy to manage and easy to sail.... almost anywhere.

Base Boat Cost....................................... $11,295
Fall Special..............................................$9,995